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  • Chemleader Biomedical Co., Ltd.

    Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) & Pharmaceutical Intermediates

  • ChemBest Research Laboratories Ltd.

    Inhibitors & Life Science Reagents

  • Arethusa Life Sciences Co.,Ltd.

    Phytochemicals & Natural Compounds

厚德载物 有容乃大

  We are cooperating with our customers with all kinds of methods, Contract research, Custom Synthesis, Custom manufacturing, we would try our best to satisfy all of our customers with their requirements and welcome all kinds of cooperation with the friends all over the world.


  Customer First  People-Oriented  Sustainable Innovation  Teamwork To be a leader in the global pharmaceutical and chemical research and development field by providing our clients with top quality products and service.

品质 负责 平等 创新

  We approach our work with all due care and diligence, as we fully realize that life is the highest value for all human beings.